The Modern Slaver

I am not a single mother.

I got married and having children. 

My husband left our hometown to work, just 2 weeks after our marriage. Yes, life is difficult here but he is making good money for the whole family. 

I am staying with my parents in law. I take care of them and our children. I also have job. That’s how I am quite busy, sometimes I don’t even have time to visit my own parents. 

I had delivered birth to our children all alone as my husband couldn’t come home due to work and expensive airfare. 

Our children meet their father every day online. Sometimes due to his work, I have to awake them around midnight to talk with their dad. I am managing the house well for him to 100% focus on his business. 

I am proud to be a role model to my daughter, she will be a great girl that every man want to marry. 

We are a happy family! 

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